Lender FAQ’s

How is EVP different? Why Partner with us?

You will see tangible benefits to your bottom line and risk profile from EVP’s collaborative relationship with our appraisal partners and savvy, systematic multi-layered review protocol.   We interact with appraisers like you do: we treat our appraisal partners with respect while holding them accountable to our mutually agree upon service level expectations. EVP appraisal service company model is MUTUALLY beneficial to our clients and there trusted appraisal partners.

How Does EVP review appraisals?

Each appraisal assignment is reviewed by a certified staff member for USPAP compliance, lender specific UW requirements and applicable industry standards, according to property and product type.

Can I appeal an appraisal?

You may appeal an appraisal by submitting this form (document.pdf) to your order coordinator. Appeals are routed through geographically competent, senior QC personnel for escalated review prior to additional contact with appraisal partner.

Why should I consider EVP over processing appraisals internally?

By partnering with EVP, you ensure a compliant, thoroughly researched, well written appraisal report at no cost to you. EVP’s process standards have been tested by state and federal regulatory agencies for over 6 years. We have the independent, expert appraisal review and compliance staff devoted to maximizing the efficiency of your collateral valuation process.

Can you manage my approved appraiser panel?

Yes we can. Upon client on-boarding, we will recruit your board approved appraisers, qualifying each appraiser based upon geographic and property type expertise, ensuring the most competent appraiser is engaged for each assignment. Additionally, we provide to you accurate and meaningful quality and performance progress reports on each appraiser used in your order rotation, as required by current guidelines.

Can you assist with third party vendor monitoring requirements? How can we check the checker?

EVP provides the lender with periodic, enhanced activity report addressing 100% of the performance indicators required by your regulators. Our proprietary, innovative, savvy reporting format facilitates quick review by management to ensure your process is on track with your expectations.

Do you have the system capability to integrate with my LOS?

EVP’s order management platform is fully integrated with most LOS systems – saving your staff valuable time and facilitating management oversight.

Do you offer warranty on your appraised value?

EVP offers residential warranty option insured by, Great American, a A+++ rated insurance company.

Can I prequalify a value?

EVP offers detailed valuation intelligence and fraud alert package including neighborhood sales plotted on a location map to help our clients reduce the number of unnecessary appraisals ordered.

Do you offer evaluations?

EVP has an in-house appraisal staff dedicated to residential and commercial evaluation production.