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When you hire EVP, you’re getting more than an appraisal management company. You are hiring a professional real estate team that offers you a complete array of tools for lender and investor confidence.

Residential Appraisal Management

EVP offers a complete line of residential services compliant with Agency AIR guidelines, Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines and the Dodd Frank Act. Services ranging from our CVR and custom desktop products for in-house loans to the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) required for secondary market transactions. EVP’s clients can depend on a timely, complete and accurate report that complies with industry (i.e. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, IAG) and client specific guidelines. Our appraiser selection can be customized by client and market area to ensure the most competent appraiser receives the assignment. We coordinate with market leaders to develop a high quality list of only the most competent appraisers in the lender’s market area.

Commercial Appraisal Management

EVP assigns and reviews commercial assignments that guarantee appraisal independence (as required by the IAG) and we will provide you with a regulatory compliant appraisal management policy. We consult with your bank from development of qualified appraisal panel through delivery of reports with accompanying reviews. Select from our flexible solutions to ensure compliance with new evaluation and competency standards (such as review of staff evaluations, training for bank reviewers/evaluators, and limited restricted appraisal reports) as required under IAG. We offer a tiered level of review from standard compliance to Standard 3 USPAP compliant technical reviews, depending upon loan risk.

Multi-tiered Appraisal Review to Safeguard Your Business

Based on individual lender specifications and EVP’s recommended “best practices” for appraisal review, each appraisal is subjected to automated and manual reviews for quality and conformity to U/W guidelines. Additionally EVP has partnered with national data provider to offer automated review and value support using transactions recorded in 4 national sales databases plus the local MLS. The appraiser is scored on each appraisal engagement, and these scores are utilized to identify and remove poor appraisers from the lender’s approved appraiser panel in compliance with Interagency guidelines. If additional explanatory verbiage is required in a completed assignment we work with the appraiser to make sure it is added before the appraisal goes forward to the underwriter or bank.

Our Testing & Review Equals Confidence in Your Loan Portfolio

Using an AVM or CVR product, EVP can work with your lending staff to develop procedures to evaluate the collateral shortfall risk in a bank’s loan portfolio. The risk can be stratified between product to give management a clear view of its current collateral risk. This allows our valuation professionals to spotlight areas of potential collateral risk in your portfolio.

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