Appraiser FAQ’s

How do I register with EVP?

Please visit our appraiser page to download the registration package. Submit completed package to

How are your fees determined?

EVP’s lender contract specifies the lenders fee preference. EVP assigns each order according to the lenders contracted fee schedule. We NEVER “profiteer” by entering into volume for discount arrangements or for less complex assignments – We ALWAYS follow the lenders fee schedule and have since our inception. You can count on EVP to protect the sanctity and transparency of the fee arrangement- this understanding is a key founding principal of our cooperative.

What are turn time expectations?

EVP supports a professional appraiser’s right to be allowed the time necessary to complete a thorough, well researched and well written appraisal report. According to our general service level expectations, the order timeline should culminate in 5 day +/- delivery schedule.

How will I accept and submit orders?

You will receive a email notification containing an accept/decline link so that orders can be responded to directly from your smart phone. Additionally, our software has an smartphone app for facilitating all aspects of order flow.

How do I get paid?

EVP schedules appraiser payments in the following order:

  1. when we are paid (we do not hold your money- if we have been paid, you will be paid that week).
  2. according to the statutory timeframe established by your state jurisdiction
  3. within 30 days from order completion.

You may choose to receive a paper check or direct deposit (with remittance advice snail mailed to you). It is strongly suggested that you take advantage of the direct deposit option as the occurrence of lost checks seems to have increased in the last two years.

Who may I discuss complex property/appraisal/regulatory issues with?

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our Appraisal Partners to anticipate and solve technical issues before report submission. We have certified in-house staff appraisers available to assist you everyday during business hours and after hours as necessary.