Fairness, Direction, Proficiency, Consistency

Our goal is to advance, develop, and reward the competent valuation professional through business relationship transparency, clear leadership, effective education, and increased credibility. EVP’s cooperative model allows for a mutually beneficial partnership between highly competent fee appraisers and their clients by focusing on six core concepts.

6 core values

What Does That Mean for my Business?

#1 Partnership

EVP partners with the most competent appraisers in the field to complete assignments nationwide for traditional customary and reasonable fees.

#2 Transparency

We promote complete transparency of business practices and fees.

#3 Compliance

Our company provides meaningful, geographically competent quality control and regulatory compliance.

#4 Education

At EVP, we provide and promote education, resources, and technology to assist our Appraiser Partners to become the gold standard of the industry.

#5 Risk Mitigation

It’s our mission to help our Appraisal Partners mitigate lender risks with consistent approaches to challenges and changes in the industry.

#6 Regional Marketing

We create demand for our Appraisal Partners by showcasing their consistent quality and expert skills through nationwide marketing efforts and by contracting with more clients.


We market our collaborative relationship between our Appraisal Partners and the EVP cooperative management system. Our collaboration drives down the cost of managing the appraisal process in several ways:

  • We leverage EVP’s consistent documentation and methodology across our appraisal panel to reduce management expenses;
  • As our expenses are reduced, your fees and equity increase.
  • Our model is truly mutually beneficial for our Appraisal Partners and their clients!